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MPN Peoria came to be because of the inspiration that I received from Robert Rosen.  Robert was a friend and my mentor. He had a vision to do something with purpose, meaning and intention. He started the MPN Research Foundation in Chicago, Illinois after being diagnosed with Polycythemia Vera (an MPN) in 1997.  He unfortunately lost his battle with PV in 2018. When I was first diagnosed with PV in 2010, I reached out to the MPN Research Foundation for guidance. Little did I know, Bob Rosen himself emailed me back right away, offering guidance, education and best of all, his compassion and wisdom about navigating the journey with blood cancer.  Throughout the years, Bob would often email me just to check to see how I was doing. His death deeply impacted me, and I vowed at that time that I would do whatever I could to help continue his legacy and further the education, awareness and fundraising efforts for MPNs so that one day, there will be a cure. I am forever grateful to Bob and his selfless vision.  This video is in honor of Bob’s legacy. The money raised by MPN Peoria will be donated to the MPN Research Foundation, specifically the Robert Rosen Memorial Fund.


Please take a minute to watch this beautiful video tribute of my friend made by his amazing family.  Thank you to the Rosen family for sharing this video and for sharing Bob’s vision.

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